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Shape your Mindset

Step 01

Goal: Develop the right entrepreneur mindset

Are you sure you want to be a full-time artist?

In STEP 1, we will get through any mindset blocks preventing you from taking action, narrow down your artistic message, and get you your first few buyers to solidify your final unique offer.


1.1. Welcome to the program

1.2. What are the main Mindset Shifts artists need to succeed?

1.3. The Starving Artist and why this mentality hurts your success
BONUS| What is Art?

1.4. What is the Artistic Market and how does it work?

1.5. How to Become a Professional Artist?

1.6. The Roadmap (From Hobby to a Full-Time Artist)

1.7. Artist Inc. How develop the right skills to be independent and successful in Art

1.8. How to build Reputation as an Artist?

1.9. How to build Authority to Grow in the Creative Market?

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