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Find your Purpose

Step 02

Goal: Find your Artistic Essence

Why do you make art?

In Step 2 we will understand what is your unique Art essence, how to find your purpose as an artist and how your Art can create real impact in the world.


2.1. Creating an Art Business
i. Defining my Product
ii. Defining my Promotion
iii. Defining my Market Place
iv. Defining my Price
v. Defining the People who can work with me

2.2. Creating the Product
i. How can I define my Art Message and Statement
ii. How can I define my style and business format?
iii. How can I make my Art create a real impact in the world?

2.3. Creating the Right Emotional Connection
i. Who can connect with my Art?
ii. How can I find my right buyers?
iii. What emotions my Art can evoke in my audience?
iv. How people can connect with what I do?

2.4. Creating the Future
i. How does my Art influence the world?
ii. Who else have a message close to mine?
iii. What are my values as an Artist?

2.5. Using storytelling to communicate my Art
i. What do I support with my work?

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