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Keep your Flow

Step 05

Goal: Launching your Artistic Business

Do you know how to keep the machine running?

In Step 5 we will learn how to control your Art Business, keeping the flow, organizing routines and managing time in the best way possible so you can have a balanced lifestyle.


5.1. How to Attract Traffic to my Website and Social Media?

5.2. How to Stabilish, Keep and Improve my Relationship with my Audience?

5.3. How to Convert my audience into Buyers?

5.4. How to Close a Sale? Techiniques and Tips

5.5. How Should I deal with the Post-Sale process?

5.6. How to Collect Social Proof?

5.7. How to Resell and Upsell Current Clients?

5.8. How to Design my Routine and Manage my Time for Success

5.9. How to lauch my Art Business and Kee the day-to-day?

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