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  • How this course is different from many others online?
    Sell My Art Online is the most comprehensive course just for artists who are in the initial stages of their career, in other words, it was created to attend the particular needs of artists who still cannot make a living from their talent in a independent way. Most of the courses on the market will offer a part of what Sell My Art Online offers, but not the whole path from Hobby to Full-Time. Some of those can help artists to create their brands, but they will not help them to find clients. Others, can help to create an attractive offer, but they will not help on pricing. In general, in order to cover all the critical points, an artist needs to take on average 5 different courses. One to understand the market, another one to build their strategy, the third one in branding, a fourth on digital marketing and the last one to create operation structures to price, deliver and control their finances. For someone who is starting this can be so confusing! Sell My Art Online covers all of this points in an all-one solution.
  • Is this program for any type of artist?
    Great question! The Sell My Art Online Program was created to help artists to find their essence as an artist, build a unique identity, promote their exclusive work and launch a thriving artistic business online. In the same way a business school can help anyone to start any business, this course can help any artist to build their own branding strategy and business structure. However it is important to highlight that each person is different, each market has its own particularities and each product or service can have its own singularities. Those especifications are not part of Sell My Art Online Curriculum. The program is focused on business management techniques over products characteristics. We suggest that you take a look in our curriculum before sign up for the course as well read our Terms & Conditions to be sure that this program can attend to your particular needs.
  • Is The Sell My Art Online the right fit for me IF I’m brand-new artist? Or if I have no understanding about business management and don’t have a niche or many followers?
    YES! In fact, Sell My Art Online is specifically designed for artists who are starting out or have NEVER signed paid clients before. It is also designed for emerging artists who need to find a way to sell consistently. You’ll find everything you need to get clarity on your identity and find who are your right buyers right in the FIRST THREE modules. By the end of them, our students are already hitting the ground running with clients, even if they started Sell My Art Online with no idea of which is their niche and have less than 1,000 followers. Sell My Art Online will help you to monetize your talent selling your art pieces and finding buyers to contract commission works.
  • Suira.Art gives a LOT for free on Instagram and YouTube. How will this be any different?
    You’re right. Suira.Art does believe in sharing a LOT in posts, videos, and lives. But those are only a tiny slice of the strategies shared inside of The Sell My Art Online Program. The Sell My Art Online is where Suira.Art reveals the more advanced content organized in a clear roadmap, so you have a step-by-step path with no missing pieces to succeed.
  • So… Is Sell My Art Online a digital marketing course or a business course?
    Both. Sell My Art Online is the most comprehensive online program for new and emerging artists who want to know exactly how to set up the foundations of their artistic business, launch unique powerful offers AND use Internet for smarter prospect buyers and signing paid clients, selling their pieces using our Be a Full-Time Artist System. Yes, you get the most updated, integrity-focused digital marketing techniques and strategies, but you use them AFTER you’ve got clarity on your message as an artist and your right buyers. Producing Art doesn’t make you a successful Full-Time Artist. Getting clients does. The Sell My Art Online shows you how to do it effectively.
  • Is this course offered by a successful artist?
    That's a great question! The answer is no, it is offered by a success Professional Art Seller, who worked with hundreds of different artist around the world. Suirá Silva has been working as an agent, curator, producer and manager for over 2 decades. We believe the art you make can is so different from everything else, that what ends up helping one artist might not be the same thing that will help you. Most of the courses offered online base their entire method on ONE successful case, the creator of the course. We think it is ok to listen to your peers and look for inspiration from someone who could do what you want to do. But based in our professional experience we could see how some artists can bee similar in some aspects, and at the same time, totally different in others. This course also takes this in consideration, helping you to create your own way, not copying another artist,but learning the rules of the game, so you can play it to win. In your own way. The techniques teched here don't come from one case study, but from structural methodologies used by agencies, publishers, label and other big institutions, that are used to work with several artists at the same time. This system was broadly tested and it works! Not for one artist, but for any artist. You don't need to learn from an artist, you already know how to create art. You need to learn from a professional art seller, who will teach you how to sell.
  • Do I get time with the instructor – Suirá – inside the program? How are the students supported as they work through the course?
    Constant 1:1 access to Suirá is not included in Sell My Art Online. However, every single student receives as a bonus a 1-hour business consultancy call with Suirá. This single call has the objective of giving a professional support based on the work that was already done. Suirá will give you practical advice on how to achieve even more in your particular case, it is a new point of view that can help the student to have more insights over the project. This is not a consultation to correct exercises, answer recurrent questions or look for external validation. All of those can be addressed in our Exclusive Community. This call is a professional orientation on how to go beyond the course and have even more results. Imagine when a company hires a consulting firm to innovate in the market or to evolve in their operations. That’s exactly what this online call looks for doing. This bonus will be available for the student after the 4th month enrolled in the course, an invitation will be sent by e-mail, where the student can book the online call. It is necessary to send some documents in advance to be analyzed by Suira, so the call can be efficient and rich of information for the student. Sell My Art Online is 12-month access, self-paced program that provides all the strategies and mindset lessons at your fingertips. This program has been refined and perfected over the years, and is designed to give you the most streamlined path from Hobby to Full-Time independent Artist. Throughout your 12-month access, you will be supported by a Exclusive Online Community of highly engaged students and other professional artists, as well as monthly Livestreams with Suira and her team! As a cherry on top, we also have dedicated community managers to support you inside the group with resources and answers.
  • Who is this course not for?
    Sell My Art Online is the most comprehensive online course that will help you step-by-step, outlining the A-Z of finding your essence as an artist, building a unique identity, promoting your exclusive work and launching a thriving artistic business online. But I also need to tell you that this course is not for everyone. And this is not a magical solution. There is a lot of hard work behind it. I would say this is not your perfect course if... - You don’t want to be a full-time artist - You believe a third party will sponsor you and support your work - You want to only produce the art you decide, and don't consider the buyer - You don't want to use online resources to sell your art. - You don't work well within a self-paced environment and require 1:1 attention. This is a self-paced course where you choose when and where you wil watch the videos and make the exercises. And it counts on one call with me to advise you on your way. But it is not a 1 on 1 mentorship. If this is your case I also offer this type of product here.
  • Why is The Sell My Art Online Program 12-months access only?
    Simple, we’ve designed the program for students to get results within 90-120 days. This means a 12-month container provides students with the additional amount of time needed to go through the program in-depth at their own pace. The truth is… We don't want Sell My Art Online to be another program that collects dust. Instead, we want all our students to stay accountable and see life-changing results in LESS than 12 months of deciding to start their independent artistic businesses. That said, we know that unforeseen life circumstances can arise, and we also understand that everyone has different learning styles. Our team is here to support you during your journey, so we encourage students to reach out to our team to explore the options together. We also offer course extensions at a special discounted rate for students who love Sell My Art Online and want to extend their time within the program! Please don’t hesitate to contact our team at for more information.
  • How do I take the course?
    The course content is contained on an online platform. You will be given a unique link that allows you to log in and view the course content. The course is organized in 5-steps and have an additional introductory module to outline in details how the lessons work and how you will navigate the program. The Step 0 will give your tutorials about how the system works, but also how to organize your study cronogram based on your lifestyle and disponibility. Sell My Art Online also counts on several tutorials that will help you to access the content and apply them. The course is self paced. It means you can define when and where you want to take the classes. Its only necessary to have access to the Internet. However it is imperative that you follow the process. Don't skip lessons or start a new one before finishing the exercises from the prevoius class.
  • When does the course start?
    The course starts as soon as you join! You get immediate access, so you can login as soon as today!
  • Do I need to budget for hard costs (software, tools, ad spend, etc.) to have success with Sell My Art Online?"
    No, not at all. When you join Sell My Art Online, you will be able to start making sales without having to invest in any software, tools, or ad spend. Once you start having success, there are optional tools you can invest in. That said, any optional fees are nominal and we often are able to secure deep discounts for our students.
  • Do I need to have a big social media following to have success withSell My Art Online?
    No, not at all. When you join Sell My Art Online, you will find plenty of artists whose are just starting out on social media. Our approach doesn't require you to painstakingly build a large following first before you can make sales. You will be able to make sales right away while growing your following at the same time.
  • Can I pay with Paypal instead?
    Unfortunatelly we don't work with PayPal. However, students from US and Canada can made a direct electronic transfer, and students from Brazil can pay using PIX. In both cases, please send an e-mail to explaining your situation
  • What if I can’t afford the payment option? Are there other options available for me?
    We aim to make Sell My Art Online as accessible as possible. If you are unable to afford either of the two presented payment options on this page, please send an e-mail to explaining your situation, so we can analyze it and if it is the case give you access to our 6-month Extended Payment Plan.
  • Is there any additional charges?
    There are no additional charges made by Suira.Art Inc. However, dependng on your country of residence it is possible that your bank or credit card add have a fee when converting the value from US dollars to your own currency. We advise you to contact your institutions before complete the purchase.
  • How soon will I make my money back? I’m worried this will be yet another program that I don’t get a return on my investment.
    GREAT question! The Sell My Art Online curriculum is designed for students to see results within 90-120 days if they follow it diligently. We’ve seen students make their money back in less than one week of joining the program (though that’s NOT the norm!), and other students who reach their first 10K months after a few months. That said, each student’s success depends on a combination of factors, including but not limited to their unique background, commitment, and effort.
  • What if I join and realize it’s not for me? What’s the refund policy?
    We know that Sell My Art Online works if you trust the process and put in the work, so we have no problem issuing a full refund if you have tried your best and have completed the coursework, but the course did not fit your business or business goals. Your enrollment is protected by our 30-Day Refund Police. Please thoroughly reference our Refund Policy here before enrolling, or contact us at for our team to help assess your fit.
  • Will Sell My Art Online work for me since I’m NOT in North America? Will the tips, techniques and tools be relevant for me?"
    The Sell My Art Online has many international students from all corners of the globe. Our team and student community value diversity and strive to maintain a positive, inclusive space for all of our students. At the same time, we recommend having a solid understanding of spoken and written English since the videos, transcripts and exercises are in English. We also encourage you to do your own research about the local laws and taxes in your area when starting a business, as we do not cover this in the core curriculum.
  • How inclusive is Sell My Art Online?
    Our top priority is for our clients and community to feel seen, appreciated, and respected. Suirá identifies as she/her was born and raised Brazil and now lives in Canada. This means her upbringing has been with this lens. This is why our company continuously reflects and invests in resources to widen this lens to be more inclusive to other races, sexual orientations, ages, and ability statuses as we run our programs, support our students, and do business. We are proud of the diversity of experiences and backgrounds our team and students provide, and we are constantly working towards using our platform, time, and resources to create even more inclusivity inside and outside our programs.
  • I have more questions about the program and would like to speak to someone. Can I email you?
    You sure can, and we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at, and our Customer Support Specialist will be in touch within 48 hours of your request, between Monday to Friday (9h to 5h EST).
  • I am not a tech savvy! Do I need to have any expertise working with the Internet, creating websites, coding or anything like that?"
    No, you don't! Sell My Art Online will outine A-Z all the activities you will need to do. All of them come with explanatory videos, plug-and-play copy templates and suggestions of softwares and platforms. Most of them are for free, at least in the beginning.
  • I work with a gallery (agent, label, manager, producer...), can I still join the program?"
    Yes! Sell My Art Online is designed to accelerate your own career as an independent professional artist. If your partner (gallery, label, publisher, agent, etc...) is comfortable with you doing this (they should be!), then you can absolutely still join. There are several artists on the program who have professional representation and/or work with multiple intermediaries but are equally focussed on growing their own Instagram following, mailing list and selling directly to those in their own audience.
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